Snappy. July 12, 2012


We discussed setting up Eideticker, for desktop Firefox responsiveness testing.

Andrew Halberstadt is making progress on a revised version of peptest. We are looking at loading talos pageset into individual tabs and tracking tab-switching

We also discussed how QA can help in helping us confirm + narrow down regressions found by telemetry.


Necko guys are continuing to remove main thread DNS resolution, are integrating a custom DNS resolver. Last week they landed a bunch of telemetry to help them play cache-lock-whack-a-mole: bug 763342, 767275.


Our profiler should grok JavaScript now. See tomorrow’s nightly.


Jon Coppeard put up a patch to do incremental sweeping. The cleanup phase of the GC is a major remaining continuous GC operation. This should help reduce remaining significant GC pauses.

Perf Team

Nicholas Chaim is almost done with setting a way to track main thread IO with XPerf in bug 770317. We would like to track main thread network IO via xperf, but it’s not clear if xperf can report what thread IO operations happen on.

Slow Startup

Turns out Firefox validates some signed extensions on startup: bug 726125. I think we finally have a good explanation for some of the ridiculously slow startups we’ve been looking at. Yuck.

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  1. It’s really great to see this work taking place. I just wish it started years ago.