TriLite, Fast String Matching in Sqlite

One of the limitations of the SQLite FTS is that it can’t do regular expression or substring searches. Jonas is addressing this with TriLite. Be sure to subscribe to Jonas’ blog for exciting DXR developments coming up within the final two weeks of his internship.


Coming to our test DXR instance soon…


  1. Can you update us on the suppersnappy project. It seems you guys doing it for the sake of games and not for application performance or user interaction aside for improved game performance.

  2. No, we are doing it to improve normal browsing. Games, etc are secondary. Supersnappy is living on own branch right now, we are looking to put more people on it in the coming weeks to squash remaining Mochitest failures and do other polish.

  3. Do you think that the next roadmap will emphisise more on performance as apposed to new features and redesigning the UI; which really is not much needed as performance is.

  4. I wonder what kind of great things implementing regular expressions to SQLite will bring to all those who use it in their projects. What would be its the most beneficial capabilities.