DXR now does live regexp search, thanks Google Code

Google code was once the best code-search tool in the business. Then it got shut down, except for a few special instances like chromium.

Our intern, Jonas Finnemann Jensen, took the re2 code that used to power google code search and integrated it into DXR (among other cleanups). See his blog post for more details.

Regexps combined with the new instant search feature changed how I search Mozilla code. Instant search means that I’m constantly refining my search terms to narrow down my results to a minimum before I leave the search page. Digging through Mozilla code is pretty fun now. I believe our development instance* of DXR is the most pleasant./efficient (even if a bit rough) code indexing solution atm. I no longer miss google code for searching Mozilla.

Now that Mozilla can be searched in a pleasant way, something needs to fill the searching of masses of open source code usecase. Perhaps github could plug the “google code”-sized gap in developer hearts?


* we also need to stabilize the development version and move it to dxr.mozilla.org.


  1. Robert O'Callahan

    Sounds cool, but right now the biggest problem with dxr.mozilla.org is that it’s far out of date. Currently it’s at revision 3199bc043da4 (August 9).

  2. Thanks for the update, dxr.mozilla.org is supposed to be updated with a daily build from releng.
    But apparently the link changed and somewhere in mess I call an inbox that message got lost.

    Anyways, it’s fixed now, and should continue to get fresh build once a day.

  3. What about http://code.ohloh.net for searching choose of open source projects.
    And it its not limited to github.

  4. The bugzilla against github discussion showed there is a problem with the speed of searching for issues inside bugzilla, so that’s another context where re2 could be useful.

  5. @some guy. I did not know about this search. It’s a tad slow, but seems to actually give relevant results. Thanks!

    @jmdesp that’s an interesting idea.