MozCamp.EU in Warsaw

Last week a few of us attended MozCamp.EU in Warsaw. Me, Benoit & Vlad presented a talk on performance work. Primary aim of our talk was to inform our community about various performance tools that came to fruition of the past year and how to use them to investigate Firefox performance problems. Hopefully we’ll see a spike in bug reports with detailed performance information (profiler traces, telemetry histogram+chromehang excepts, etc).

My favourite part of MozCamp was finally meeting some a couple of the impressive community contributors in person. I finally had the pleasure of literally buying beer to thank someone for cleaning up some nasty code. I hope some day we can do a developer-oriented MozCamp-like conference.

My favourite talk was Anant & Tim’s presentation on WebRTC. There is something incredibly attractive about having an encrypted, cross-browser, firewall-punching p2p implementation (realtime open video conferencing is a nice bonus). See Anant’s blog post for more details.

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