Coping with Flash hangs

Blocking calls into the Flash plugin can temporarily hang Firefox. This is a problem because sometimes the user would be happy to kill the plugin to access their webpage and at other times it’s the only way to get certain flash apps/games to load. If you suffer from flash-related hangs see Aaron’s blog post for some builds to try. He is working a new feature to provide an option to kill hanging flash instances.


  1. Very cool patch thanks!
    I’ve been wanting something like that for a while

  2. Just an Honest questions. Is there any reason why Flash tends to hang and crash more often in Firefox then Chrome? Is it down to Chrome uses a new Pepper version of Flash? Or my theory of Chrome uses Tabs / Everything else per process that gracefully handle the hang with Flash without bothering me. Therefore i notice it less often?

    And while having a UI for crash and Hang is great as a temporary solution. Is there anything in the work that makes flash less prone to crash and hang. Or is this all problems with Adobe?

  3. I suspect that by ‘integrated flash’ google means they have access to flash and they can modify it to behave in a less broken way. Pepper is probably just a way to overcome inconveniences in closely integrating flash.

    But your guess is as good as mine.

  4. That causes a bunch of concerns for me, I hope this was and is being discussed in depth with UX and bsmedberg.

  5. Robert, bsmedberg is driving this.