Aug 11

Hackasaurus X-Ray Goggles Mashup

The X-Ray Goggles is a nice and fun inspector tool, designed to make it easier to learn about the different document node types and “building blocks” which create a webpage, letting you “see inside the web”. To quote, “Hackasaurus makes it easy to remix and change any web page like magic”.

This is a nice opportunity for Tilt and Goggles to work together and create an interesting mashup, having some gamification ideas in mind. The first game-like experience will be adding a Portal style transition between two webpages, to symbolize finishing a level and entering a new one.

Since Tilt was originally thought out to be more of a developer tool than a game-oriented extension, and new features designed to better integrate with Goggles don’t always make sense from a developer point of view, a new branch will be created especially for this mashup.

See the Hackasaurus games and blog for more information.