Open-Source-Meeting in Munich, July 24 !

July 6th, 2009 by cbook


a lot of people use Open Source Software like Firefox,, Gimp etc. As difference to closed-source Software, you can contribute to OpenSource Software in different Areas like in the Mozilla Project in QA, Support, Marketing and even Development.

My friend Florian Effenberger ( Co-Marketing Lead) and I are working on an Event that brings Open Source Projects together and connect People aside from the Information Highway (Email, IRC etc) . A Event for people involved in Open Source and also People with questions about Open Source and of course for people who want to get involved into Open Source.

open source meetup munich logo

The kickoff of this Events will be in Munich, July 24 2009 !

How does OpenSource Projects work ? How can i get involved ? Answers to this question, a lot of great people and a lot of fun – all on one event -> the Open – Source – Meeting in Munich.

This Events are open to everyone and free attend !

You will find more Information here:

When you are interested in joining us in Munich, feel free to sent me a mail

– Tomcat

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