Meet Mozilla’s UX Team

We’re a fun lovin’ bunch dedicated to helping design great products that make sense and bring joy to people.

Aaron ThornburghAaron Thornburgh — As the sole UX Designer for Content Services, Aaron works with numerous teams to create immersive, content-driven experiences on Firefox. A designer’s designer at heart, he worked for many years as an Art Director until his eventual transformation into a legit UX Designer at SapientNitro. Prior to joining Mozilla, Aaron lead the UX/UI design for TripAdvisor. He likes to drive too fast, drink too much coffee, and avoids social events at all costs.

Bryan ClarkBryan Clark — Bryan is a Designer at Mozilla and the team lead for the Services User Experience group. Previously at Mozilla Messaging heading up UX for Thunderbird, Bryan came from Red Hat as an Interaction Designer working on projects like One Laptop Per Child. Bryan studied Computer Science and Psychology, prototyping is his favorite design phase. He loves beer, coffee, and good food.

Bram PitoyoBram Pitoyo — A former anthropologer and design strategist at Wieden+Kennedy, Bram Pitoyo now dabbles in the intersection of user experience, architecture, game design and most other subjects, and strives to be a dissident against materialist reductionism. Despite his long-time affection for typography, he still cannot figure out if this a disease or a vocation.

Bill SelmanBill Selman — Prior to Mozilla, Bill worked as a UX consultant, researcher and designer on a diversity of technology projects for companies ranging in size from small start-ups to multi-national corporations. Before focusing on UX several years ago, Bill was primarily a software developer working in open source languages. He passionately believes that you can only build truly engaging and delightful products by understanding your users. Bill has a BA in Philosophy from Bard College and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago.

Blake WintonBlake Winton — As a Design Engineer on Firefox, Blake’s job mostly consists of making prototypes as quickly as possible, with some dabbling in creating internal tools. He is also the current UX Lead for Thunderbird, having won the title from Bryan Clark in an epic cage match.

Gregg LindGregg Lind — Gregg does statistics and writes code in support of the user research team. In his spare time, he does tech advocacy work (Pystar and PyMNtos). In past lives, he was an archaeologist, a busboy, a mandolinist, a public health researcher, and made maps of the interwebs for Renesys. Say hi to him in Minneapolis.

Gemma PetrieGemma Petrie — Gemma is a Senior UX Researcher at Mozilla. She has a background in nonprofit development, a BA in Philosophy from Reed College, and an MLIS from the University of Illinois. Prior to joining Mozilla, she worked at Razorfish as a UX Designer. Gemma lives in Chicago and organizes the Chicago UX Book Club and chiDUXX. 

Ilana SegallIlana Segall — Ilana is a Quantitative User Researcher. She came to Mozilla after eighteen months working at a startup (Lexity) that is attempting to help automate advertising for small business using data mining. Prior to that, she was getting my master’s at Stanford in the field of Applied Mathematics (ICME). She joined Mozilla because she is thrilled to be a part of such an enthusiastic and forward-thinking open source community, and she looks forward to learning more about how Firefox users behave and using this information to help make the web a happier place.

Jinghua ZhangJinghua Zhang — Jinghua is the head of User Experience team in Mozilla. Prior to joining Mozilla, she worked in Google and Microsoft as an advocate and catalyst for understanding users needs. She loves to help projects align product strategy with user needs, and solve real (un-articulated) problems for people.

Josh CarpenterJosh Carpenter — A native of British Columbia, Canada, Josh has been working in design for interaction, mobile and motion for over 10 years. Most recently Josh was the Creative Director for New Space Technologies, a Vancouver building automation firm, creating touch interfaces for homes, offices, and stadiums.

Lindsay KenzigLindsay Kenzig — Lindsay is a Senior User Experience Researcher. She previously worked as a consultant, researching and designing products, services, and buildings in the world of healthcare. She is SO excited to work at Mozilla because of its focus on users and involving them in the process. She believes that Mozilla is a place which fosters innovation, and can’t wait to dig into her first project on the topic of “Identity”.

Madhava EnrosMadhava Enros — Madhava leads the Firefox User-Experience design team. Previously, he was Mozilla’s resident designer at small, responsible for bringing the Firefox experience to mobile devices. Madhava lives in Toronto where he is an influential member of the city’s Indo-Finno-Franco-Canadian community.

Maureen HanrattyMaureen Hanratty — I am a UX designer at Mozilla focusing on the Firefox Marketplace and App Ecosystem. Before Mozilla I worked at Yahoo and Autodesk. My master’s degree is in HCI from the University of Michigan. In a past life I studied Painting at RISD. Extracurricular activities include organizing the UX Book Club in San Francisco.

Michael MaslaneyMichael Maslaney — Michael is a Senior Visual Designer, focusing on the Firefox. Previously at Ogilvy, he has a passion for the art of communication and the power of the digital medium. Adopting a simplistic less-is-more approach to his design process, Michael favors utilizing typography, illustration and simple shapes. Outside of design, he is a music lover and avid cyclist. At times, he can be a bit of a nerd and may or may not be found reading type books for hours on end.

Maria SandbergMaria Sandberg — Maria is a User Experience Designer working on the Mozilla Marketplace. Before joining Mozilla she worked at Chomp, a search engine for mobile apps. Maria graduated from Stanford with a Master’s degree in HCI where she fell in love with post-its, prototyping, and iterative design. She is passionate about intuitive, user-centered design, and running into a bad design experience will make her really grumpy.

Przemek AbratowskiPrzemek Abratowski — Senior UX Designer working on mobile Firefox OS. Przemek has been in the mobile design industry with BlackBerry for 6 years before joining Mozilla. His design contributions can be seen on numerous projects, from BlackBerry 7, to PlayBook, and most recently BlackBerry 10. Przemek works out of the Toronto Mozilla office, when not working he enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors.

6881981759_4f4076ba47_oPatryk Adamczyk — Senior User Experience Designer, focusing on Mobile, currently working on the Gaia / Boot 2 Gecko project and contributing to the various flavours of mobile Firefox. Prior to joining Mozilla in the fall of 2011, Patryk spend over 7 years designing every colour BlackBerry handheld UI up to the PlayBook 2. Living in Toronto, Patryk holds a Bachelor of Design from York University & Sheridan College. He enjoys photography, travel, cycling, rapid modes of transportation and is an active RGD member in the local design community.

Philipp SacklPhilipp Sackl — Philipp is the lead designer of Firefox Desktop. Prior to that, he’s been a co-founder of the design agency envis precisely and an interaction designer at BMW. He enjoys good food, good beer and bad jokes.

Peter LaPeter La — Peter is a Visual Designer on Firefox OS. Prior to Mozilla, he spent 8 years conceptualizing next-gen BlackBerry UI visuals for Research in Motion. Peter is passionate about creating beautiful aesthetic experiences through art, design, and technology. When not working on interfaces, he enjoys digital painting and mobile game development.

Ryan FeeleyRyan Feeley — Ryan is a user experience designer on the Cloud Services team based in our Toronto office. He has been making it easier for people to do complex things online since 1995 in such areas as faceted search, visual search, messaging and interactive adventure.

Stephen HorlanderStephen Horlander — Stephen is a senior Visual Designer and team lead at Mozilla. He is a long time contributor to Firefox, having worked on the default themes (Winstripe and Pinstripe) for Firefox 1.0. His input has helped shape the visual appearance of Firefox since the beginning, and most recently acted as the lead visual designer for the Australis project. His unknown claim to fame is designing the RSS feed icon. He likes coffee and making pretty things.

Tony SantosTony Santos — Tony is an interaction designer with a strong interest in ubiquitous computing, trying to make the world a better place. Before joining Mozilla, he worked with tech companies large (Microsoft, T-mobile, Intel, Amazon),small and a handful of advertising agencies. Tony holds a B.F.A. in Advertising and Graphic Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design and an M.S. in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington. When he’s not designing stuff he can be found playing with his camera, surfing, running, cycling or just laying on a blanket in the California sun.

Yuan WangYuan Wang — Yuan is a User Experience Designer at Mozilla. She studied Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University and interned at Lenovo Research Center. With 6-year extra-curricular study on fine arts, experience as a freelance designer, and a bachelor degree in Info Systems and Management, she’s always aspiring to the perfect combination of art, technology, and people. She also loves info visualization, photography, and salsa dancing.


Cori SchauerCori Schauer (alumna) — Cori manages the User Experience Research team. She has 13 years of experience working for various clients and sectors. Prior to Mozilla, Cori was an ethnographer for the Human Space Flight program at NASA. Cori is a pragmatist, and believes in making research accessible and actionable. She uses design research methods to uncover issues, identify opportunities, start conversations, create consensus, and build the right solutions. Cori has a BA in Professional Writing, English, and Cultural Anthropology and a Masters of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ian BarlowIan Barlow (alumnus) — Ian is a Senior UX Designer working on Firefox for Android. His background is in graphic design, having worked in print and digital media on branding, advertising, corporate communications, illustration, and user interface design. Ian lives and works in Toronto, and you can find him on as “ibarlow”.

Jennifer MorrowJennifer Morrow (alumna) — Jennifer (nickname “Boriss”) is a Senior User Experience Designer at Mozilla. Prior to joining Mozilla, she worked at NASA and VMware. Jennifer has a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction, a BS in Human-Computer Interaction, and a BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

Zhenshuo FangZhenshuo Fang (alumna) — Zhenshuo is a User Experience Designer at Mozilla. She studied Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University and Automotive Design at Tsinghua University. With a multidisciplinary background in HCI, Industrial design and Mechanical engineering, she is enthusiastic about designing innovative products and making technology more usable and enjoyable for people.

Larissa CoLarissa Co (alumna) — Larissa is a UX Designer who is passionate about education and increasing dignity in the world. At Mozilla, she’s trying to make it easier for people to be safe on the Web. Before coming here, she worked at a bunch of ed-tech startups and studied at Stanford where she learned to create people-centered products (B.S. Product Design) and incorporate learning outcomes into her designs (M.A. Education). When she’s not working, she’s either cooking, eating, or knitting.

Mary TrombleyMary Trombley (alumna) — Mary Trombley is a user researcher at Mozilla. Prior to working at Mozilla, Mary was a UX Engineer for data integration and quality tools at IBM Silicon Valley Lab in San Jose, CA.

Aaron DruckAaron Druck (alumnus) — Aaron is a Product Designer in Mozilla Labs. He is interested in making an art, design and technology sandwich. And probably adding hot sauce to it.

Arun GanesanArun Ganesan (alumnus) — I am an Interaction Designer for Firefox Mobile OS. Before I joined Mozilla, I had a great time studying Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University and designing Augmented Reality greeting cards for Hewlett-Packard. I love products and people; Most happiest when in the company of books, tech, or my best buddies or when I am enjoying the bright sunny outdoors.

Crystal BeasleyCrystal Beasley (alumna) — Dirty pragmatic user experience designer who’s happiest with a whiteboard marker in hand. Hey, who used up all my post-it notes when I wasn’t looking?

Diane LoviglioDiane Loviglio (alumna) — Diane is a User Experience Researcher at Mozilla. Prior to joining Mozilla, she co-created the first conference to focus on tech failures (FailCon) and co-founded a clean tech startup (Wattbot). She has also worked as a freelance researcher for technology and healthcare startups.

Alex LimiAlex Limi (alumnus)Alex is responsible for Product Design Strategy at Mozilla, which is another way of saying that he predicts the future by inventing it. He was formerly User Experience Lead for the Firefox team, and worked at Google prior to joining Mozilla in 2009. He’s also the founder of the open source project Plone.

Frank LeeFrank Lee (alumnus)Frank is a Vancouver based User Experience Designer who worked on Firefox OS and the Mozilla Marketplace. In addition to design, Frank is passionate about art, photography, and filmmaking. Prior to Mozilla, he has been Creative Director for several startups and a Program Manager at Microsoft.

Brian DilsBrian Dils (alumnus) — Brian is a person who designs stuff.

Jason GrlickyJason Grlicky (alumnus) — Jason is a Visual and UX designer at Mozilla. He comes from the land of iPhone app development, specializing in mobile and website design. Jason got degrees in Computer Science and Psychology before realizing that designing great products was his true love. In his spare time, he quite fancies playing synthesizers.

Jono XiaJono Xia (alumnus) — As the main developer responsible for Test Pilot, Jono is the one to blame for those notifications about new studies that keep popping up in your beta version of Firefox. He’s interested in the intersection of usable software design with open-source development, privacy issues, and the need to preserve an open Web. Jono writes games in HTML5 and plays the accordion and Japanese taiko drums.

Jack MontgomeryJack Montgomery (alumnus) — Jack is a UI/UX engineering and prototyping summer intern. During the school year he is a student at CMU where he studies information systems, computer science, and human computer interaction. In the past, he has done research on interactive question answering systems.

Leo YeykelisLeo Yeykelis (alumnus) — Leo is entering his third year as a doctoral student in the Dept. of Communication at Stanford University, concentrating in Human Computer Interaction. In his research, Leo works with big data to discover insights into the behaviors and interactions of people and technology.

Liu LiuLiu Liu (alumnus)Liu Liu is a UX Design intern. Facebook didn’t allow him to register because his first name is the same with his last name. He is a graduate student at Northwestern University. He is passionate about designing for a good cause and creating impact. He is always looking for creative ways to prototype experience.