Getting people to the right place is half the work

A while back I wrote about how much better some of our articles perform when they are linked to from some external place (in context of course). Here’s another example. Back on May 14th, we released Firefox 21 with a new feature called the Firefox Health Report. The FHR includes a graph of startup times. If you have some particularly long startup times we display a tip that suggests you reset Firefox and links to the help article on how to do that.

Before Firefox 21 and the health report, the reset article was getting rated helpful 60% – 65% of the time. Now that we’re showing the article to thousands of people each day who have a Firefox issue that the reset might be able to fix, the article is being rated helpful upwards of 82%. That’s huge — about a 25% improvement.

Update: The source of traffic in this case was not the health report. It was actually from another article. Coincidentally, Firefox 21 also included another feature that tries to help people with slow startup times. In that case it actually points to this article, which in turn points to the reset article. Beginning with Firefox 24 we’ll now point directly to the reset article.


One thought on “Getting people to the right place is half the work

  1. Excellent work! I’ve always believed that investing in user education is just as important as in-product technical improvements. It’s nice to see investment in user empowerment tools is paying off.

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