I LOVE this education piece on the Firefox home page

Planet Mozilla viewers – you can watch this video on YouTube.

As part of all the work we’ve done letting people know what’s great about the new Firefox, we started running a campaign on the default Firefox start page last week. The first piece was about bookmarks – this week it’s customization. I love this Space Invaders animation and the page it links to. It’s fun, it’s engaging, it gives you enough detail to be truly helpful and it links to the full documentation on the support site.

3 thoughts on “I LOVE this education piece on the Firefox home page

  1. Michael,

    Great video! I actually enjoy the animation! Has kind of a Galaga look to it. 🙂

  2. I far prefer a static image.
    A message which changes every few days or when and important broadcast is required is also useful.
    I’m not so keen on video though as it is interesting for the first 10 seconds then it is irritating and hangs my remote desktop display.

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