The bonuses of really short videos

One of the nice things about using YouTube for videos on is that we get audience retention stats. Here’s what they look like for a minute-long video I made about two years ago.
video-drop-offThis video answers the “How do I set my home page?” question at about 23 seconds in. After that the audience really starts to drop off as the video goes into supplementary topics.

The newer videos I’ve made focus mainly on one thing. This video is only 21 seconds long so it gets right to the point. In this case the average viewer watches the entire thing. Pretty cool!

So shorter is better in this case. Tell me something I don’t already know. Well, my point is that a minute long video is generally considered pretty short. Turns out you might want to think about making videos WAY shorter.

And here’s another bonus for super short videos. They’re much easier to localize. I made this 29 second Firefox OS video as an experiment. After creating an English version, I was able to re-shoot it with the interface in Spanish and drop in localized narration (recorded while I re-shot the video) in about an hour. That’s so awesome. I want to do much more of that next year.