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Slides for today’s presentation

A friendly reminder- we’ll be talking today at 12:30 PM PST on (Firefox 3.1 required). For those of you who like to read ahead, here are the slides: AMO 2009 View more presentations or upload your own. You’ll also be able to ask questions in #airmozilla on, or via the website. Hope… Continue reading

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What’s going on in AMO for 2009?

Excellent question.  Join us for an AMO brown bag session hosted on at 12:30PM PST on Thursday, January 29. Justin Scott and I will be covering the following: Vision Mission and Objectives Quarterly Roadmap Bandwagon (our new social system for managing and sharing collections of add-ons) You’ll be able to ask questions during the… Continue reading

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Statistics Update

Wil Clouser, our AMO Dev lead, has an update on our work with fixing our problems with statistics. [Reprinted from his blog] Add-on statistics have been intermittent for a couple months and are just recently getting the attention they need. Our current process is to count download statistics once per day and update ping statistics… Continue reading


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Know Thy Add-on User

Mark Cramer is a guest writer for the AMO blog. He is CEO of SurfCanyon, the creators of the SurfCanyon Firefox add-on. Creating software in a vacuum is incredibly difficult. While all add-on developers have a general idea of the value they’d like to deliver to their users, without copious and constant feedback it’s like… Continue reading

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Introducing myself

Hi, I’m Nick Nguyen, and I’m the new Add-ons Lead here at Mozilla.  Having previously worked on the Delicious Bookmarks extension at Yahoo!, I’ve learned firsthand how Add-ons can be an essential part of life on the internet.  I’ll be working with the team and the community to figure out the best direction for AMO… Continue reading

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