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Contributions Sources

Since we launched the Contributions Pilot last summer, thousands of users have helped out their favorite developers with small donations.  We’ve continued to expand on the pilot with new features like Pledge Drives and subscriptions, and now we’re going to look at where users make their donations to authors. There are quite a few places… Continue reading


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Nominate add-ons for Reader’s Choice Awards

Today is the last day to nominate your favorite add-ons for the 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards. The add-ons with the most nominations will be up for public voting next month in the following categories: Best Overall Add-on (non-security) Best Privacy/Security Add-on Best Browser Theme Best User Script While you’re there, be sure to nominate… Continue reading

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AMO Category Popularity

If you’re interested in which categories and add-on types are the most popular on AMO, you’ll probably want to check out a blog post I just made that lists the top 15 browse pages on the site. We’re always looking for feedback on what improvements can be made to pages such as these, so please… Continue reading


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New Categories for Mobile

If you’ve developed an add-on for Firefox Mobile, take a moment to update its categories.  We’ve added new categories which we better represent the interest of mobile users and we hope to see a thriving assortment of add-ons in the near future.  Also, we plan on revisiting these categories as the ecosystem evolves, so feel… Continue reading

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Add-ons are here to stay

We want to assure everyone in our community that XUL-based add-ons are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Mozilla is committed to keeping Firefox the most customizable browser, and add-ons are here to stay.  Without our add-ons community, Firefox would not be the most extended browser in existence, and we owe them an enormous… Continue reading


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The new version of AMO’s sister site,, launched yesterday.  Other than numerous bug fixes, the Personas experience is much better due to the implementation of a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  For more, read Ryan Doherty’s post on the Mozilla Webdev Blog.

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