AMO Category Popularity

If you’re interested in which categories and add-on types are the most popular on AMO, you’ll probably want to check out a blog post I just made that lists the top 15 browse pages on the site.

We’re always looking for feedback on what improvements can be made to pages such as these, so please let us know your ideas!

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  1. shadowbat wrote on :

    Awesome! AMO is now noticeably faster but there are few things which will make my experience better:

    1. Faster updates on the main add-on page, many times new versions and experimental builds can only be accessed through the “View all versions” link

    2. Move the “View all versions” to the top where it is easily accessible, because most of the time i can only update through that link. It sucks not being able to automatically update to experimental builds using the “Find updates” Addons dialog box. An about:config pref would be gr8

    3. Implement Auto-suggest in the search box

    4. When you type “Paste and Go 3” in the search box, the Addon named “Paste and Go 3 by Omi Azad” is the 13th result. I dont know whether the problem is indexing or the fact that it is the first experimental Addon on that list

    5. Move the Reviews box to the bottom

    Sorry about the big post, but its gr8 to see you guys constantly improving AMO. Keep up the excellent work!