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Add-on Guidelines Update

Since we introduced the Add-on Guidelines, we’ve had a much better way to tell developers what is allowed or not for non-AMO add-ons. We also have a much clearer set of rules for blocklisting add-ons that we think don’t provide a good user experience. We also told you that we would announce any changes to… Continue reading

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Add-on Compatibility Updates, Firefox 20 and above

This post is just a mixed bag of add-on compatibility issues that developers should be aware of, most of which will be included in future compatibility updates in this blog, but are worth giving a heads up in advance. Asynchronous Places [21] A large number of Places APIs will be removed in Firefox 21, as… Continue reading

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Blocklisting malicious Codec add-ons

A group of malicious add-ons going by various names like Codec, Codec-C and Codec-M have been added to the add-on blocklist. This is a new type of block that covers multiple add-on ids, so we want to cover all of our bases and give users a place to comment if they think an add-on they… Continue reading


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Java 7 Update 7 Blocked

Jata 7 Update 7 is vulnerable to a critical security bug that could lead attackers to compromise the user’s system through the Java plugin. The vulnerability is currently being exploited, and is a serious risk to users. To mitigate this risk, we have added Java 7 Update 7 to the add-on blocklist. Update 6 and… Continue reading

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Introducing the Add-on Guidelines

Add-ons are often cited as the main reason users love Firefox, and while they offer users substantial benefits, they can also be a cause of slowdowns, instability and other problems. This is the reality of having an open development platform where add-ons are first-class citizens: developers have the tools to create truly excellent and innovative… Continue reading

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Java 7 Update Notification Now Live

A serious Java vulnerability was made public earlier this week, which is being actively exploited by attackers. Oracle released an update that fixed this vulnerability today, so we are now moving ahead to encourage all users to move to this new version. We have enabled an update notification that will show up every time a… Continue reading

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