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Australis for Add-on Developers – Part 1: Toolbars

Australis, the new Firefox theme, landed in Nightly 6 weeks ago. Because of the ongoing work being done to it, it won’t be uplifted to Aurora just yet, so it will continue to be available exclusively in the Nightly channel for at least one more cycle. That means that Australis won’t be in Firefox before… Continue reading

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Jetpack Project: weekly update for Oct. 25 2011

Project News SDK 1.2.1 released Wednesday Oct. 19 to address a critical issue. I’m giving an SDK talk this Saturday at Seneca College’s annual Free Software and Open Source Symposium in Toronto. Interesting comparison of browser extension tech from the author of MediaPlus Meeting Brief SDK: Shipped 1.2.1 Wednesday plans to land new Loader soon.… Continue reading

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Add-ons are here to stay

We want to assure everyone in our community that XUL-based add-ons are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Mozilla is committed to keeping Firefox the most customizable browser, and add-ons are here to stay.  Without our add-ons community, Firefox would not be the most extended browser in existence, and we owe them an enormous… Continue reading


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Welcoming Jetpack

In our add-on developer survey several months ago, we received a number of responses as to what improvements could be made with the current add-ons platform and ecosystem. Among them were: not requiring browser restart for installation better debugging tools better packaging easier way to write extensions code generation/IDE Today, Mozilla Labs announced Jetpack, a… Continue reading


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