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Welcoming Jetpack

In our add-on developer survey several months ago, we received a number of responses as to what improvements could be made with the current add-ons platform and ecosystem. Among them were:
Jetpack logo

  • not requiring browser restart for installation
  • better debugging tools
  • better packaging
  • easier way to write extensions
  • code generation/IDE

Today, Mozilla Labs announced Jetpack, a new experiment in extending and personalizing the Web. The Jetpack API addresses all of the issues mentioned above, and makes it super easy for anyone with basic web development skills (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to create a Firefox extension. Jetpack features don’t require restart, have a backwards-compatible API, only get the permissions they request, can be debugged using web development tools like Firebug, and can be extended themselves.

Today’s launch is a first step in exploring the future of add-on development, and we’re extremely excited to see where the community takes it. This is still a very early prototype of a possible direction for Mozilla-based add-ons, so rest assured that the current add-ons model is still alive and well.

Head on over to the Jetpack website for information on Jetpack and to get the prototype.

And don’t forget that the Labs team will be presenting on Jetpack at the Add-ons Meet-up next Tuesday, so be sure to RSVP if you’d like to attend.

2 comments on “Welcoming Jetpack”

  1. Reinis I. wrote on

    So it’s something akin to Greasemonkey?

  2. Peter wrote on

    Sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to try it out and see where this goes.