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A new world of open extensions on Firefox for Android has arrived

Woo-hoo you did it! Hundreds of add-on developers heeded the call to make their desktop extensions compatible for today’s debut of a new open ecosystem of Firefox for Android extensions. More than 450 Firefox for Android extensions are now discoverable on the (AMO) Android homepage. It’s a strong start to an exciting new frontier of mobile browser customization. Let’s see where this goes.

Are you a developer who hasn’t migrated your desktop extension to Firefox for Android yet? Here’s a good starting point for developing extensions for Firefox for Android.

If you’ve already embarked on the mobile extension journey and have questions/insights/feedback to offer as we continue to optimize the mobile development experience, we invite you to join the discussion about top APIs missing on Firefox for Android.

Have you found any Firefox for Android bugs? Do tell!

5 comments on “A new world of open extensions on Firefox for Android has arrived”

  1. Mojtaba Daneshi wrote on

    I think it’s better to Featured Extensions that compatible with Firefox Android.

  2. Randy wrote on

    At least five years too late.

    And the app is now so unusable that I just switched to another browser that actually works.

    1. Anon wrote on

      Firefox works really well for me and is a nicer experience than Chromium. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  3. F-Droid wrote on

    Can we just install XPI file directly offline from SD card and not from AMO? If it is not possible I am not going back from Cromite.

  4. skynet wrote on

    .xpi extensions remain incompatible with the Firefox Nightly browser: are you losing sleep or is that the purpose of this trick-or-treating on Android?