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Open extensions on Firefox for Android debut December 14 (but you can get a sneak peek today)

Starting December 14, 2023, extensions marked as Android compatible on (AMO) will be openly available to Firefox for Android users.

“We’ve been so impressed with developer enthusiasm and preparation,” said Giorgio Natili, Firefox Director of Engineering. “Just a few weeks ago it looked like we might have a couple hundred Android extensions for launch, but now we can safely say AMO will have 400+ new Firefox for Android extensions available on December 14. We couldn’t be more thankful to our developer community for embracing this exciting moment.”

In anticipation of the launch of open extensions on Android, we just added a link to “Explore all Android extensions” on AMO’s Android page to make it easy to discover new content. And just for fun and to offer a taste of what’s to come, we also released a couple dozen new open extensions for Android. You can find them listed beneath the Recommended Extensions collection on that AMO Android page. Try a few out!

Get your Firefox desktop extension ready for Android

There’s still time to make your desktop extension compatible with Firefox for Android if you want to be part of the December 14 launch. Senior Developer Relations Engineer Simeon Vincent recently hosted two webinars to help developers work through common migration hurdles. Here are recorded webinars from October (an introduction to mobile extension migration) and November (setup, testing, debugging).

Simeon also hosts open “office hours” every Monday and Tuesday for anyone interested in signing up to receive 1:1 guidance on Firefox for Android extension development. Office hours run through December, so be sure to tap Simeon’s expertise while time remains.

“Early Add-opter” t-shirts still available!

Are you a developer planning to make your desktop extension work with Firefox for Android by December 14? Do you like cool free t-shirts? Great! Then email us at firefox-android-addon-support [at] with a link to your extension’s AMO listing page and we’ll follow up with t-shirt order details. Better act fast though, we’ve only got 200 tees total and just a few remain.

7 comments on “Open extensions on Firefox for Android debut December 14 (but you can get a sneak peek today)”

  1. v2 wrote on

    Are you going to drop V2 like Google Chrome? Please, for the love of god, keep the v2 forever because many add-ons will get killed! V3 is seriously restrictive and V2 is the only way to make Firefox popular again.

    Once Google remove v2 from Chrome, people would flock to Firefox. Just don not remove V2 please, it is secure and mature engine, unlike V1(XUL).

    PLEASE, someone confirm this

    1. Matt wrote on

      Here is the official stance from the Mozilla blog. Hope this helps:

    2. Don S wrote on

      You know people ruin good things. Everything gets worse, not better.

  2. v3 wrote on



  3. v4 wrote on

    beep beep!

  4. mmcclung wrote on

    Modems anyone?

  5. EL NDOSSO wrote on

    Great Team!

    Keep it up!