Workplace Resources Team

What is Workplace Resources?

We’re the team formerly known as Facilities. Like most teams in Mozilla, though, we do more than just one thing. Sure, we cover facilities and maintenance, but we now do so much more. We coordinate the logistics behind events, office set-up, and catering. We manage moves, adds and changes, lease spaces and buy furniture. If you need a badge or key, have safety or security concerns or need help with your printer, call us. We know where to find the best espresso and cheapest burrito in town. We’re here for you… and happy to help.

Meet the team:

You can get in touch with us by emailing

Rob Middleton is the director of Workplace Resources. Rob coordinates  real estate, construction and Mozilla Space build-outs.

Lori Jashinsky is Manager of Workplace Resources Worldwide. She may be new to Mozilla but she isn’t new to workplace management. Lori is based in Mountain View, but brings a true global experience to our team.

Emily Pierce is the first smile you see when you walk into the San Francisco office. Emily coordinates events, requests, catering and facilities.

Karen Esterly keeps track of all things Vancouver related.  She’s your go-to person for events, moves, access, construction updates, and supplies.

Lisa Gray, Space Planner extraordinaire. Lisa joins us with years of experience in space planning and move coordination. She will be a great asset to our ever growing organization.

Shannon Armitage, Mountain View’s new Office Services Coordinator. Stop by to introduce yourself at the new 3d floor lobby.

Shannon Clayton manages the busy London Office and keeps tabs on all things Paris in the meantime.

Clara Carle has whipped the Paris office into shape since its opening in the Spring of 2013.

Rebecca Gorespe is Toronto’s newest friendly face. Ask Becca anything about the office or city. She’s always happy to help.

Katt Taylor may be new to the Portland office, but she hit the ground running after being trained by her sister, Sam. Katt now knows the ins and outs of the space and city. Check with her for anything relating to Portland.