Apr 27

Home Space Worker Guidelines

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Remote Mozilla full time employees can utilize benefits described in the Home Space Worker Guidelines . 

Helpful tips for Home Space Workers:

  • Running Effective Recurring Meetings: Alternate times so the same people on different time zones aren’t always making exceptions. Have an agenda with action items or record the meeting. Make sure all those who need to be there are invited. Make sure everyone has a voice, whether introvert or extrovert. Rotate administrative duties.
  • Clear writing: Think about the desired outcome before you communicate. Put yourselves in the audience shoes.
  • Ask for feedback & help (no points for doing it alone).
  • Type in the open: When you’re creating information make sure it’s easy to locate, easy to search and open for everyone to contribute to.
  • Be proactive in Building Trust with others before you need them. Be positive and assume positive intent from others.
  • Remote Working: Avoiding Overtime and Some Helpful Tips: Establish a schedule so office-based employees know when your day is over. Don’t forget to eat, take breaks, stretch and go outside. Try being 2 mins early for vidyo calls. It will help you bond with teammates as they join and engage in small talk.
  • Avoid out-of-sight and out-of-mind syndrome: Be passionate and vocal. Update your status mozillians.org to let others know what you’re working on.

Try some and let us know how they work!

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