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Home Space Worker Guidelines

April 27th, 2017 | Category: Tips

Remote Mozilla full time employees can utilize benefits described in the Home Space Worker Guidelines

Helpful tips for Home Space Workers:

  • Running Effective Recurring Meetings: Alternate times so the same people on different time zones aren’t always making exceptions. Have an agenda with action items or record the meeting. Make sure all those who need to be there are invited. Make sure everyone has a voice, whether introvert or extrovert. Rotate administrative duties.
  • Clear writing: Think about the desired outcome before you communicate. Put yourselves in the audience shoes.
  • Ask for feedback & help (no points for doing it alone).
  • Type in the open: When you’re creating information make sure it’s easy to locate, easy to search and open for everyone to contribute to.
  • Be proactive in Building Trust with others before you need them. Be positive and assume positive intent from others.
  • Remote Working: Avoiding Overtime and Some Helpful Tips: Establish a schedule so office-based employees know when your day is over. Don’t forget to eat, take breaks, stretch and go outside. Try being 2 mins early for vidyo calls. It will help you bond with teammates as they join and engage in small talk.
  • Avoid out-of-sight and out-of-mind syndrome: Be passionate and vocal. Update your status to let others know what you’re working on.

Try some and let us know how they work!

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MozSpace Access Card Requests for Remote Mozillians

December 04th, 2015 | Category: Tips

You’re a Mozillian who works remote. How do you get an access card to make those MozSpace visits easier?

Simple! During one of your visits to a MozSpace submit a Service Now request for one.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Service Now homepage > Workplace Resources > Access Cards/Badges
  2. Select ‘Change Access’
  3. In the Description field let us know the following:
    • That you’re a remote Mozillian who hasn’t received an access card yet
    • Which office you’re currently visiting
    • When you are returning home

Your new access card will give you access to all Mozilla offices with card reader systems, which includes Mountain View, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver BC, Toronto, London, Paris, Auckland, and (next year) Taipei!

ServiceNow 2015-11-20 16-19-05

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How To: Planning Events in Your MozSpaces

February 05th, 2015 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,Tips

By KattT – February 3, 2015 (Edit Post)

Posted in: Mozilla Spaces, Tips

WPR regularly receives questions about setting up events in Mozilla’s Spaces. We should, we’re the experts! Follow these instructions to be a super-planner too!

1. Fill Out an Event Request in Service Now

In the WPR section of Service Now the Events Request will prompt you for all the info needed to make things happen (e.g., date, time, number of attendees, dietary restrictions, etc.). Include your cost center if you’ll be ordering food or drinks.

You can get back to your ticket from the main page by clicking on “My WPR Requests” in the Service Now sidebar.

2. Save the Date on Google Calendar

Make sure to reserve your room for the time you want! You are responsible for reserving the room(s) you’ll need for your event. Learn how to do this here.

3. IT Support or Air Mozilla?

Are you presenting something?  Do you want a video recorded and archived?  If you need IT Support (Service Desk) or Air Mozilla support, simply click on the links at the top of your Service Now event page to get our IT experts involved.

Any questions? Please ask your Office Service Coordinator for help. We’re happy to do so!

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Traveling with your Mozilla Badge

August 26th, 2013 | Category: Tips,Travel

Did you know that your Mozilla badge will give you access to all of our MozSpaces in North America and Europe? Our ultimate goal is for “one badge to rule them all” and thus coordinating our badging systems across our worldwide spaces so that you can easily travel from site to site seamlessly.

Our offices each have different building access requirements (you can read about those here) but the doors to our MozSpaces will always be open to employees with your Mozilla badge.

The Bottom Line:   Please PACK YOUR MOZILLA BADGE on your next business trip. And let us know via Service Now if your badge is not functioning for a specific site and we’ll fix it as soon as soon as we can.IMG_20130808_100141

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How do I plan an Event in a MozSpace?

June 06th, 2013 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events,Tips

WPR often gets questions about how to set up events in our spaces. Perhaps you belong to an open-source meetup that needs event space? Or maybe you are planning a hack day?

Planning events is easy with WPR’s help! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Make An Event Request in Service Now

We need to know a little bit about the event first. Date, time, number of attendees, etc. This information will help us plan the event logistics (conflicting event scheduling, catering, special event needs) and will allow us to add the events to our site calendars.Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 9.38.28 AM

2. Zimbra Calendar (Save the Date)

It is important that you reserve your desired room through Zimbra to avoid scheduling conflicts. We are asking all event sponsor/requestors to reserve rooms using Zimbra

Need help reserving rooms in Zimbra? Find out more here.

3. Event Details:   Ask Us! Keep WPR in on your event details. We’re here to help, and have years of experience planning events in our spaces. We’ll make sure catering and drinks are ordered if Mozilla is sponsoring.  We can help set up the room for you, and we will think of the things that you haven’t because that is our job.

4. IT Support or Air Mozilla? Are you presenting something?  Do you want a video archive to show others later?  Do you need IT Support (Service Desk) or other Air Mozilla support, simply click on the links at the top of your Service Now event page to get our IT experts involved.

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 10.14.44 AMAny questions? Please ask. We’re here to help!   Email Us.

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Travel Tips Vol. 3: Pro-Tips

January 18th, 2013 | Category: Tips,Travel

Pro-tip Edition

Here are some expert tips for smooth and rewarding business travel.

1. Rewards Programs

No, you cannot book flights or hotels based solely on your preferred rewards programs- but that shouldn’t stop you from collecting rewards points from a variety of locations. Rewards programs are easy and free ways of making business travel more profitable.

Egencia allows you to save rewards program numbers in your “Frequent traveler accounts” in your traveler profile. Each time you book a flight, hotel or car your corresponding program will automatically be attached to your booking.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 4.00.55 PM

2. Travel Preferences

Do you prefer an aisle seat to a window seat?

Are you on a low-calorie diet?

You can add to your trip comfort by saving travel preferences in your profile. Seat selection will filter automatically to your preferences and other requests will be carried to the vendor.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 4.04.26 PM

3. Is that your real name?

Joey, Barb and Jim will almost certainly have trouble at security check points and airport check-ins.

Your Egencia name should exactly match your full legal name as listed in your passport to avoid unnecessary hassles with irritable security guards.

If you need to change your name in Egencia please contact Karen to update.

4. Stay Organized

Getting organized is probably the easiest way to make your travel experience less stressful.

  • Pack well. Travel light and smart with carry-on luggage and simple computer bags. Wear slip-on shoes and keep pack the belt and watch.
  • Have a travel outfit. While it may sound silly, wearing the same jacket or bag each time you travel will allow you to keep your passport and ticket in the same pocket and avoid the 7 pocket slap dance each time you’re asked for your ID.
  • Use technology. Install tools like Tripit on your mobile phone to keep your travel details in one place.  Add your teammates as “connections” to keep track of who is where.
  • Stay hydrated. Jetleg can be minimized when you’re hydrating during travel. No, alcohol does not hydrate.
  • Eat healthy. Eat, period. Often travelers forgo airport food altogether- or opt for a greasy piece of pizza before takeoff. Grab some fruit and nuts or a salad before you go to avoid junk food cravings later on.

5. Visas

We’re a global company, traveling further and faster. We can get you where you need to go- but if you don’t have the right Visa you’ll be turned away at the border.

You can find out if the country you are traveling to requires a Visa from the CIBT website. Brazil, India, China and Russia are popular and growing destinations that do require advance planning and travel Visas.

If you ever have questions, please check in with our resident immigration specialist Elisha Kim.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.34.16 AM

Do you have your own travel tips? Share them with us here!




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