Aug 26

Traveling with your Mozilla Badge

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Did you know that your Mozilla badge will give you access to all of our MozSpaces in North America and Europe? Our ultimate goal is for “one badge to rule them all” and thus coordinating our badging systems across our worldwide spaces so that you can easily travel from site to site seamlessly.

Our offices each have different building access requirements (you can read about those here) but the doors to our MozSpaces will always be open to employees with your Mozilla badge.

The Bottom Line:┬á┬á Please PACK YOUR MOZILLA BADGE on your next business trip. And let us know via Service Now if your badge is not functioning for a specific site and we’ll fix it as soon as soon as we can.IMG_20130808_100141

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  1. Tristan September 2nd, 2013 07:27

    I’ve been using this feature for a while and I have to say this makes my life much easier when traveling! Thank you WPR!


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