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Mozilla Family Day 2015

July 30th, 2015 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

– by KattT

Mozilla Family Day 2015 exploded near each office location this year to show appreciation for the work you do and the families that support you! WPR worked hard to create a wonderful Mozilla Family Day near each MozSpace. The evidence shows a lot of smiling faces and good times!

There was a fun photo booth at the Family Day held in MTV for SFO & MTV Mozillians!

MTV Family Day 2015 - 4MTV Family Day 2015 - 1MTV Family Day 2015 - 3MTV Family Day 2015 - 6MTV Family Day 2015 - 5MTV Family Day 2015 - 8

Sumo wrestling & a bounce house in MozParis!

PAR Family Day 2015 Sumo

PAR Family Day 2015 Bounce House/WPR

Interactive Lego time in MozLondon!

LON Family Day 2015 - 5

Rollercoasters in Portland! (Check out the MozLove t-shirt!)

 ©Evrim Icoz Photography

An actual fox joined us in Toronto!


Smiles all around in Berlin!

Family Day BER 2015

Feats of strength in Vancouver, B.C.!

YVR Family Day Pic

Thank you Mozillians and Family for everything you do!

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Firefox Growth Campaign

July 30th, 2015 | Category: News and Events

– by KattT

On June 2nd Mozilla kicked off its Firefox Growth Campaign, one of this year’s biggest efforts to introduce Firefox to new users this year. Mozilla introduced Pocket, tab-sharing in Hello and Reader Mode to the public. Afterwards Mozillians got creative and crafty at each MozSpace and made some great stuff!

MozPDX Cupcake Decorating & Origami

PDX #foxyeah DIY 8PDX #foxyeah DIY 3


MozTOR Lego Logo Building and Cupcake Decorating

Whimsycorn Lego TOR #foxyeah#foxyeah TOR


MozSFO Metallic Rainbow Scratch Cards

#foxyeah SFO Crafts


And more cupcake decorating in MozMTV2!

#foxyeah MTV crafts


Thank you for getting creative with us!


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MozPDX Mural #2 Complete!

July 30th, 2015 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

– by KattT

Have you glimpsed our cheerful new mural in MozPDX during the MoCo meetings every Monday? Souther Salazar finished the second mural at the end of June and we absolutely love the result. This wall was meant to hold this piece of art!

Souther 389a1135

Souther 389a1154Souther 389a1155

Souther 389a1180-82b f

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April 30th, 2015 | Category: News and Events,Uncategorized

By Katt Taylor – 30 April 2015

Seth is 5 years old and  fighting severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID), which means Seth’s immune system doesn’t work. The only proven cure is bone marrow transplant surgery.


On March 11th Seth & his parents asked the world to wear yellow, his favorite color, to lift his spirits and raise awareness of SCID. On Friday, March 27th, Mozillians at both the MTV and SFO MozSpaces gathered to #WearYellowForSeth.

Yellow for Seth SFO

Yellow for Seth MTV

His transplant date was 1st May 2015. You can learn more about Seth at his website, All of our best wishes to you Seth!



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Fluffy & Foxkeh’s Return!

March 17th, 2015 | Category: News and Events

By KattT – March 2, 2015

It’s been six months since the return of Fluffy and Foxkeh, MozParis’ resident fluffies. For those who don’t know, the pair disappeared on an unexpected journey back in May. They didn’t even leave a goodbye note.

Months passed and hope of their return began to fade when two gentlemen walked in the door with the two missing foxes! They had found them “…in the street. And because we love Mozilla we thought we’d give them to you!”

We can only imagine where the two traveled and what they saw, perhaps one day they will tell us. Until then we’re just thankful to have them back!

Foxeh & Fluffy back in their milieu naturel.



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Data Privacy Day 2015

February 04th, 2015 | Category: Mozilla Spaces,News and Events

Black boxes = Mystery. Everyone knows that. This photo is posted with the consent of those pictured.Privacy Day Cake

On January 29th we celebrated Data Privacy Day at our MozSpaces worldwide to raise awareness about the importance of protecting personal information online.  Although Data Privacy Day is nationally observed on January 28th we spent the week hosting various speakers and events.  Nico Sell, the CEO and co-founder of Wickr, spoke to us from SF.  She outlined the risks to our online privacy and shared tips on how to protect ourselves better. Afterwards, we shared privacy day cupcakes as well as good conversation.

20150129_150418(1) 20150129_150429(1)



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