Firefox Tip – Use Reader Mode on Firefox for Android

Let’s face it. Reading a Web page on a mobile device can be a strain on the eyes, and your patience. Here’s a tip from Mozillian Sam M. to help make reading on your mobile page a bit easier.

Reader Mode“I use Firefox for Android, and often use the Reader Mode feature. I like it because it removes all the annoying ads from the Website I’m reading and makes the text size bigger. It’s like reading a whole new, beautiful page!”

Thanks Sam! Firefox for Android’s Reader Mode does that and more. It lets you control text size, reformats pictures, gets annoying ads out of your way, lets you share what you’re reading with friends and allows you to save articles to read later! Make sure you have the latest version of Firefox for Android – get it free from the Google Play Store. And if you love Reader Mode — or Firefox for Android in general — rate us as well to tell others!

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