Firefox Add-ons for Fun

Sometimes, you visit the Web for work. Sometimes, you visit the Web for research. But sometimes you visit the Web for fun!

Here are a few Firefox Add-ons that are just for the fun of it.

Love Calculator is a completely unscientific (but totally fun!) way to find out if you are compatible with another person. It uses the letters in the two names to give you a “love score.” Give it a try.

Fun Characters allows you to add weird unicode characters to any text field. ✪✿☢☎☑ There are 248 characters to have fun and decorate your social updates or blog posts. ☕♪⚣ ツ

Cheevos lets you have fun while you’re learning Firefox! Gain achievements for using Firefox, finding hidden Easter eggs within the product and more. Varying levels of points are awarded based on the difficulty of acquiring an achievement. See how many points you can collect!

Give these a try or find something that suits you — there are thousands of Firefox Add-ons to choose from.