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VoiceOver Support for macOS in Firefox 87

Screen readers, an assistive technology that allows people to engage with computers through synthesized speech or a braille display, are available on all of the platforms where Firefox runs. However, until today we’ve had a gap in our support for this important technology. Firefox for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS all work with the popular and included screen readers on those platforms, but macOS screen reader support has been absent.

For over a year the Firefox accessibility team has worked to bring high quality VoiceOver support to Firefox on macOS. Last August we delivered a developer preview of Firefox working with VoiceOver and in December we expanded that preview to all Firefox consumers. With Firefox 87, we think it’s complete enough for everyday use. Firefox 87 supports all the most common VoiceOver features and with plenty of performance. Users should be able to easily navigate through web content and all of the browser’s primary interface without problems.

If you’re a Mac user, and you rely on a screen reader, now’s the time to give Firefox another try. We think you’ll enjoy the experience and look forward to your feedback. You can learn more about Firefox 87 and download a copy at the Firefox release notes.

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  1. Oola daniel wrote on

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  2. john wrote on

    could someone please clarity for me the following:
    Does Firefox “have or not” have the ability to search by voice.
    I have spent a lot time being directed to Firefox ‘Add-Ons’ (use at your own risk) and ‘Firefox Reality’ documentation suggestion an answer to the question but give none. what have I missed?

    Not sure if this the correct forum, but would appreciate any info on ‘DuckDuckGo’ same question.



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