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Rocket Your Firefox Contest at the Mozilla Summit

During Mozilla Summit last week, we held a contest for all attendees aimed at getting them involved in developing add-ons with the Mozilla Add-ons SDK. We had 17 entries from 15 developers and selected winners in the categories of Useful, Creative, and Fun. Here are the three winning add-ons:

Most Useful – Copy ShortURL

Author: Fred Wenzel
Developer Description: If a page exposes a short URL via a “link rel=canonical” header, fetch it and copy it to the clipboard. If no short URL is found on the page, this add-on creates a short URL via tinyurl and copies it to the clipboard.

Most Creative – Quakeyfox

Author: David McNamara
Developer Description: Once installed, this add-on shakes your browser window when an earthquake occurs anywhere in the world, using live data from the USGS. In case an earthquake doesn’t occur, a widget button is provided to demonstrate the browser window shakiness.

Most Fun – Too Old for Facebook

Author: Christopher Finke
Developer Description: Don’t like that your mom (or dad, or grandma) has joined Facebook and is keeping tabs on you? Just install this Jetpack on her computer and let her decide on her own that she’s too old for Facebook.

Other add-ons from the contest:

All the add-on submissions were built using the Mozilla Add-ons Builder SDK (formerly Jetpack) and developed rapidly with the aid of the Mozilla Add-ons Builder web app. We will be holding another add-on developer contest in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Daniel Buchner, on behalf of the Add-ons Team

3 comments on “Rocket Your Firefox Contest at the Mozilla Summit”

  1. Gabriela wrote on

    I’d preferred to be able to click on the “Other add-ons from the contest” links and see what is it useful for!

  2. Noitidart wrote on

    Not working in FF 4.0b9
    I think addon builder is much harder then making addons the old fashioned way. But of course I can’t figure out restartless. 🙁

    1. Daniel Buchner wrote on

      @Noitidart –

      The link to the Add-on Builder on this page is to the old Builder. You will find that this one: is going to be a whole lot better…and in about 3 weeks, it is going to be a WHOLE lot better 😉