Add-on SDK and Add-on Builder Beta are here!

Add-on SDK and Add-on Builder Beta are here!

We’re very happy to announce two new Firefox add-on development tools from Mozilla: the Add-on SDK and the beta release of Add-on Builder.

Creating add-ons for Firefox is now quick and easy. If you’re familiar with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, then you already have the necessary skills to build add-ons using these tools. In addition, all add-ons created with the Add-on Builder or Add-on SDK are restartless by default, meaning users do not have to interupt their browsing to begin using your add-on right away.

There are two ways for developers to create their add-ons. The Add-on Builder Beta is a hosted, online build environment, and provides a robust code editor with built-in revisioning, module selection, testing tools and build tools. Alternatively, there is a downloadable SDK for those who are comfortable with a command line interface and prefer to use their own development environment. The video below gives an overview of both tools:

We’ve carefully selected a common set of Javascript APIs to help you perform the most common tasks in add-on development so that you can: build a user interface, interact with the browser, and access and manipulate web content. You also have the ability to share your work with other developers – either selectively or through

We continue to add new APIs to keep pace with new Firefox features, as well as making sure the existing APIs work with potentially incompatible versions of the browser. You’ll also have the pick of a number 3rd party APIs developed by the Mozilla community. Two examples of available add-ons built with these tools are CopyShortURL and Grooveshark Remote Control

To get started, once you’ve watched overview video above, check out the tutorial video which covers the building of an add-on from beginning to end using the Add-on Builder on the new Add-on Builder and Add-on SDK page. Also, take a look at the extensive documentation and APIs for use with your add-ons.

When you’re ready, log in to the Add-on Builder to build your add-on online, or download the Add-on SDK to work locally.