Jetpack Project: weekly update for March 05, 2013

Project News

  • The entire developer tools team ( including the Jetpack team! ) will be meeting up in California next week to work together and hack on new ideas. As such, there will be no weekly meeting next week.
  • Jetpack Bugmaster Wes Kocher released a module called ‘bmo.js’ that allows SDK developers simple access to the bugzilla api.

Quick Stats

Note: the stats above are based on the queries I linked to for each item. If you have suggestions on how these queries might be made more accurate,please comment below. Stats generated at 2013-03-05 09:03:12 PST

Meeting Brief

  • High Priority: PWPB has lots of pull requests in review, need to focus on Panel work. Need to hash out Panel Positioning design next week in person, Gabor hopes to land cross-domain content script capabilities in Firefox 22.
  • SDK: tests getting flakier, help!
  • Roundtable: GSOC ideas, bmo.js, windowless docshells, debugging support!

Full minutes are available here: