Amp Your Firefox Contest – Judges

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klb_picKenneth Barbalace

Mozilla Contributor
Ken has been a Firefox user since 2003. He first released his theme Classic Compact with the release of FF2, and then released his extension Classic Compact Options with the release of FF3. In addition to being an add-ons developer, Ken volunteers as an AMO editor focusing primarily on reviewing themes.


karenKaren Rudnitski

Firefox Mobile Product Manager at Mozilla
Karen started her career in mobile telecoms 13 years ago, and has used her mobile browser almost every day since. She is driven by great user experiences, features everyday people use, and opportunities that bring the open Web to as many Android devices as possible.


margaretMargaret Leibovic

Firefox Engineer at Mozilla
Margaret joined Mozilla as an intern in 2009, and has since spent time working on Firefox, Firefox for Android, and Firefox OS. She is currently focused on Firefox for Android front-end development, and would love to hear ideas about ways to make life easier for mobile add-on developers.


jeff Jeff Griffiths

Product Manager – Developer Tools at Mozilla
Jeff is an open web hacker working on improving life for developers through better tools. Based in Vancouver, BC, Jeff is an insufferable combination of beer nerd, coffee snob, foodie and non-smoker.


IMG_7391Jorge Villalobos

Add-ons Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla
Jorge is in charge of the developer-facing sides of the add-ons world. He is based in sunny Costa Rica, where he spends most of his time rolling his eyes at his laptop and avoiding going outside. He’s sad that there are no more Batman movies.

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