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People love their add-ons—85% of Firefox users have them installed, and there have been over 3 billion downloads since they revolutionized browsing in 2004. There are add-ons for almost everything under the sun: fun, productivity, personalization, even for making tea. Between June 13 – July 18, 2013, we challenge you to delight these fans by creating or updating add-ons that amp up their Firefox.

We’re also challenging you on the mobile front—with more than 10 million people using Firefox for Android, this is your chance to take the fun and personalization of add-ons to a fast-growing and passionate fan base.

A panel of judges will pick the best add-on from each prize category, and the community will choose which category winner is the best overall add-on. Category winners will receive Android tablets, and the Best Overall winner will receive an 11-inch Macbook Air. All participants whose entry is approved (fully reviewed) for AMO will receive “Amp Your Firefox” t-shirts! The winning add-ons will also get tons of exposure on AMO and other Mozilla properties.

Contest Categories

  • Best Mobile Add-on – Create add-ons that take Firefox for Android to the next level for over 10 million users by improving readability, enhancing the web experience across devices, and rounding out browsing features—it’s your chance to get creative!
  • Best Mobile Port – If you’ve created an add-on for desktop and think it would be great for a mobile audience, port it over to Firefox for Android!
  • Best Game Add-on – It takes creativity and imagination to make a great game add-on like Cheevos or Destroy the Web—are you up for taking the challenge?
  • Best Complete ThemeComplete themes can dramatically change the look of your Firefox—everything from buttons, window frames, tabs, and menus can be customized—the sky’s the limit. Create complete themes that are both aesthetically pleasing and transform the appearance of Firefox.
  • Best Updated Add-on – If you’ve created an add-on and want to freshen it up by adding new features, making it restartless, or porting it to the SDK, this is the category for you.
  • Best Overall Add-on – The grand prize will go to the most original, useful, and well-designed add-on of all the entries!

How to Enter

  1. Create or update an add-on
  2. Submit it to AMO ( for approval
  3. Fill out the entry form and include a link to your add-on


Fine Print

  • Up to 3 entries per person per account, but each person may only win one prize in one category. The best overall winner will receive the Macbook Air in lieu of the tablet, which the other category winners will receive.
  • Open to all countries
  • Add-on must be compatible with latest version of Firefox
  • Entries in the Mobile, Game, and Complete Theme categories may not be a forked version of an existing add-on.
  • Mozilla paid staff and contractors are not eligible to win prizes
  • Read the complete contest rules »

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