Winners of the Amp Your Firefox Contest

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The Best Overall Winner is Thumbnail Zoom Plus!


Congratulations to the developer of Thumbnail Zoom Plus, David Adler! Read more about it in the announcement.

The Category Winners:

 ~ MOBILE (Firefox for Android) ~

Tap Translate

Adds a translate button to the long-tap menu.

Mobile Password Manager

View and edit saved passwords on your phone, tablet or desktop.

~ MOBILE PORT (Firefox for Android) ~

Home Links

Use your home button as you would in a desktop browser. Save from 1 to 4 links to open quickly with your new home button.

~ COMPLETE THEME (Desktop) ~

FT DeepDark

Smooth dark theme for Firefox.

~ UPDATED ADD-ON (Desktop) ~

Thumbnail Zoom Plus

Shows the full image when you hover over a thumbnail.

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  1. Benoît Bailleux wrote on

    Hello Amy,
    I’m just finishing to port my addon to mobile and restartless. I think I will submit it tonight or tomorrow. But I have, in the mean time, just updated another addon (for desktop, so not related to this contest) on the 4th of July, and it’s been still in review (66th upon 186) since then!
    So, I don’t see how my forthcoming submission will be “fully reviewed and approved” before the 18th of July.
    Is there a special process for addons submitted for the contest?


    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi Benoît, as long as you submitted the add-on by July 18, the entry will count. It may take a few weeks after the contest ends for us to review all the submissions.


  2. BenoitB wrote on

    Hello Amy
    I’ve just submitted my addon in the “Updated Add-on” category.
    But I have another addon that have been waiting for review for 10 days.
    How my submission to the context can be reviewed before the 18th of July ?


  3. barani wrote on

    i want fastest browser .


  4. Apu wrote on



  5. Allasso Travesser wrote on

    Sorry to bother you again,

    The addon I submitted (All Tabs Helper) did not pass review, and I have re-submitted for full review. Will I need to re-enter it into the contest again?



    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      No, it’s not necessary to re-enter the add-on.


  6. Adrian wrote on

    traducirlo todo a varios idiomas incluyendo el español porque yo no me entero de nada en lo que consiste la encuesta por esta en ingles… ahora eso sí el navegor que más uso y que más me gusta es mozilla firefox y no lo cambio por nada!


  7. Tillon Siria wrote on

    je ne connais que quelques mots d’anglais S.V.P. dites-le -moi en italien ou français



  8. jo wrote on

    link for the form is not working


    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Do you mean this one?


  9. kup wrote on

    Good day’s time!

    I want to ask some: I’ve registered my extension in this competition before July, 18th. After that, from time to time, I upload a new versions with some fixes and features. So, what of the versions will drops in “amp” contest?
    Thank you and good luck for all devs!
    PS: I have another question: in process of dev’ing my extension, I’ve found a brainchild in my head – it concerns a first running process extension. Whom can I talk about it with? Thanks!


  10. Jeevan wrote on

    When is the results?


    1. Amy Tsay wrote on

      Hi Jeevan, there’s been a slight delay in winner announcements due to the volume of submissions. We expect to notify winners next week, and announce them the second or third week of September.


  11. Havanai wrote on

    Thumbs down on “Thumbnail Zoom Plus”. Works sporadically on Flickr and not at all at photo-sites and How do I uninstall it?


  12. phuqmerunn wrote on

    Hi ! Congrats on 9 years! In My opinion Mozilla is absolutely the best browser on planet earth.. Just one thing, There is a addon that I think is not getting the “props” it really deserves…? ( “Anonymox” ) ………. I absolutely LOVE this addon it dose a AMAZING job! Anyone who’s snapped it in to there browser & taken it out for a test drive, knows in a few seconds that it is something special, just by the intuitive interface & dependability, that the creators put a ton of love it to this project.. THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME BROWSER !!


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