Add-ons for Australis Contest – Judges

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Michael Balazs

Featured Add-ons Board Member, Volunteer Reviewer, and Mozilla Contributor
Michael has been a Firefox user since 2005 and released his add-on, Integrated Inbox, in 2007. He supports Mozilla as an add-ons developer, AMO editor, and a member of the featured add-ons board. He codes for fun while making 3D printed planes in his day job.


Volunteer Reviewer and Mozilla Contributor
rctgamer3 has been a Firefox user since 2007. He has been maintainingg the old Firefox 2 theme since mid-2010 and became an AMO reviewer last year, mostly doing complete theme reviews.

Andreas Wagner

Admin Add-on Reviewer at Mozilla
Andreas has been a Firefox user since version 1.0. He started developing add-ons in 2008 and became an AMO reviewer soon after. Last year, he joined as a contractor for Mozilla, mostly doing admin reviews. In his free time, he captures Germany and the world in HDR photographs.

Gijs Kruitbosch

Firefox Engineer at Mozilla
Gijs works on the Firefox front-end, and was part of the group of developers who worked on Australis. He contributes to several add-ons, and used to volunteer as a reviewer on AMO. He’s usually in Britain, wondering why he moved here considering the terrible weather.

Jorge Villalobos

Add-on Developer Relations Lead at Mozilla
Jorge works with add-on reviewers and the AMO team to ensure that both add-on developers and Firefox users have the best possible experience. He’s often found in tropical Costa Rica, frowning at blog comments.

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