Collections FAQ

Below are answers to potential questions about the migration from old to new collections:

How do I change the URL of my collection?
Collection URLs are made up of the owner’s username and the collection’s slug. For example, in a URL like, the collection belongs to the user “bob” and has a slug of “favorites”. To change your username, go to your Account Management page. To change the collection’s slug, edit the collection and click Edit next to the URL.

I created a collection using the old system and made someone else a manager, but now the collection lists him as the owner!
In the old collections systems, managers were equal in every regard, which means that we didn’t record who the original creator was. There are only a few collections with multiple managers, so we had to pick one randomly to be the new owner. If we picked the wrong one, ask the new owner if they will make you the owner using the Collection Edit tools.

Why can’t I make my collection URL /favorites?
The /favorites slug is reserved for the favorites collection that is automatically created.

What if I have another question?
Please ask your question in our forums: Be sure to log in with your AMO username and password (not your email address).

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