Artful Collaboration: Infectious & Mozilla Firefox

Our ongoing efforts to encourage participation in all facets of the Mozilla project led us to the vibrant community of artists at Infectious.  We wanted to bring artists and art lovers together through a Community Art Project to inspire creative contributors to join us in making the Internet better for everyone.

Today we unveil some amazing designs by 5 Infectious artists that we asked to help kick off the project.  We challenged them to create art inspired by Firefox and the values that drive the Mozilla project. The result? Zeptonn, David Lanham, Reuben Rude, Etsu Meusy and Paulo Arraiano responded by contributing original art pieces that reflect the innovation, openness, opportunity and idealism that Mozilla represents.  The diversity of these artists is what makes this initial collection so unique and each piece showcases the artist’s distinct style

We’re excited to share their designs with our community and have made them available in a variety of ways:

1. Laptop skins, iPhone skins, car decals, desktop wallpaper, and iPhone wallpaper through


2. T-shirts at our Mozilla Community Store


3. Personas for your Firefox browser


As we get closer to the launch of Firefox 3.5 (currently in Beta), this art provides a fresh interpretation of what Mozilla is all about.  It also serves as an example of what’s possible when you bring creative minds together to share their talents and passion for art and technology.  Another nice bonus: Infectious and the contributing artists are collectively donating 20% of Firefox product sales at to the Mozilla Foundation.  It’s great to see that kind of generosity from our partners and the artists we work with.

And this just the beginning.  Our collaboration with Infectious continues in July with an open design contest that will give everyone a chance to show off their skills and contribute to the Community Art Project for a chance to be featured on and win some cool prizes.

All of this fits nicely into our plans to launch the Mozilla Creative Collective later this summer, and we hope everyone that participates in this round with Infectious will join us is building a strong community of creative contributors for the Mozilla project.  More information to come soon, so stay tuned!

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