Celebrating Mozilla VPN: How we’re keeping your data safe for you

A year goes by so quickly, and we have good reason to celebrate. Since our launch last year, Mozilla VPN, our fast and easy-to-use Virtual Private Network service, has expanded to seven countries including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland adding to 13 countries where Mozilla VPN is available. We also expanded our VPN service offerings and it’s now available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms. We have also given you more payment choices from credit card, paypal or through Apple in-app purchases. Lastly, our list of languages that we support continues to grow, and to date we support 28 languages. Thousands of people have signed up to subscribe to our Mozilla VPN, which provides encryption and device-level protection of your connection and information when you are on the Web.

Developed by Mozilla, a mission-driven company with a 20-year track record of fighting for online privacy and a healthier internet, we are committed to innovate and bring new features to the Mozilla VPN through feedback from our community. This year, the team has been working on additional security and customization features which will soon be available to our users. 

Today, we’re launching a new feature, one that’s been requested by many users called split tunneling. This allows you to divide your internet traffic and choose which apps you want to secure through an encrypted VPN tunnel, and which apps you want to connect to an open network. Additionally, we recently released the captive portal feature which allows you to join public Wi-Fi networks securely. We continue to add new features to offer you the flexibility to use Mozilla VPN wherever you go.

Divide and conquer your apps with our split tunneling feature

Today, we’re launching the split tunneling feature so you can choose which apps that you want to use the Mozilla VPN and which ones you want to go through an open network. This allows you to prioritize and choose the internet connections on the apps that you want to continue to be kept safe with the Mozilla VPN. This feature is available on Windows, Linux and Android.

Joining public Wi-Fi networks securely through our captive portal

Recently, we added the option to join public Wi-Fi networks securely. It’s a feature to make sure you can easily use our trustworthy Mozilla VPN service to protect your device and data when you are on a public WiFi network. If your VPN is on and you first connect to the cafe’s public Wi-Fi network, you may be blocked from seeing the cafe or public Wi-Fi’s landing or login page, known as the captive portal. Mozilla VPN will recognize this, and provide a notification to turn off the Mozilla VPN so you can connect through the public Wi-Fi’s landing or login page. Then, once you’re logged in, you’ll receive a notification to click to connect to our Mozilla VPN. This feature is available on Windows, Linux and Android.

New and flexible pricing plans

Recently, we changed our prices after we heard from consumers who wanted more flexibility and different plan options at different price points. As a token of our appreciation to the users who signed up when we first launched last year, we will continue to honor the $4.99 monthly subscription to users in those six countries – the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand. For new customers in those six countries that subscribe after July 14, 2021, they can get the same low cost by signing up for a 12 month subscription. 

We know that it’s more important than ever for you to be safe, and for you to know that what you do online is your own business. By subscribing to Mozilla VPN, users support both Mozilla’s product development and our mission to build a better web for all.  Check out the Mozilla VPN and subscribe today from our website.

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