Explore The Future of AI With Mozilla’s Innovation Week

In Mozilla’s annual report we discuss how diversification is one of our main goals — investing in new features, new products and new companies. The team that works on Mozilla’s innovation projects are constantly working on innovation projects at various stages of development, including many that are exploring the vast AI opportunities out there.

In celebration of this work, we are discussing many of these projects during Mozilla’s Innovation Week. Starting Monday, December 11, we will be exploring different innovation projects, and sharing the insights and learnings we’ve gathered along the way. This week is an exploration into the future of technology, where we understand AI is not just a buzzword, but the reality we need to shape now. 

We are calling all tech enthusiasts, developers and innovators to join us in shaping the future of technology — not just for Innovation Week — but in conversation going forward. We will be hosting conversations in real-time on our AI Discord about what we’re learning and how we can better collaborate starting at 9AM PST Monday, December 11. Come back to this page each day next week to find more information and links to the conversations we are having about AI. 

Below is a preview for the week:

Monday, December 11: Empowering developers with the AI guide

Tuesday, December 12: Memory Cache: Your personal AI agent

Wednesday, December 13: Introducing Solo, an AI website builder for solopreneurs

Thursday, December 14: llamafile: bringing LLMs to the people, and your own computer

Friday, December 15: Panel Discussion Transparency & safety in AI

Over the last 25 years, Mozilla has learned that the best way for us to make progress and advancements is by working together. When we bring together like-minded people and organizations, we unlock the doors we need to find a better future. We are excited to start the next chapter of this with you. 

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