Firefox Adds Powerful New Developer Tools

Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux adds powerful built-in developer tools and delivers smoother updates by making add-ons compatible by default.

Firefox adds a number of new built-in developer tools that let developers change the look and feel of websites in real-time. With Page Inspector, developers can peek into a page’s structure and layout without having to leave Firefox. This means they can quickly navigate between page elements and view the HTML document structure for the page. Style Inspector makes editing the style of websites even easier. Now developers have quick access to CSS properties and can view or change values for their website within Firefox. Scratchpad now uses the Eclipse Orion code editor to provide syntax highlighting and other features that make it easier and simpler to write JavaScript.

Firefox introduces the Mozilla Full-Screen API for websites and Web applications, allowing developers to build Web experiences that leverage the entire screen. Full-Screen API enables developers to create full screen games, immersive video experiences and rich presentation sharing. We’re excited to enable gaming experiences on the Web that rival the experience of a console, and are happy to see this feature being adopted by other browsers.

Firefox adds support for features that make it easier to build 3D Web experiences with open technologies. Mozilla pioneered WebGL and introduced it in Firefox. WebGL is a Web standard that allows websites and Web apps to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics without third-party software. Firefox now supports Anti-Aliasing for WebGL, allowing developers to create objects that blend together and move smoothly. Firefox also supports CSS 3D Transforms, which lets developers animate and transform two dimensional elements into 3D using HTML5 without the need for third-party plugins.

We have also significantly improved Firefox Add-on compatibility and simplified the update process for all users because we are dedicated to delivering the best Firefox experience.

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