Latest Firefox Relay includes bigger attachment size and filters for promotional emails

Since the public launch of Firefox Relay, thousands of users have signed up for our smart, easy solution that hides your real email address to help protect your identity. Thank you all for your tremendous support for our Firefox Relay product. This signals a demand for people who want to preserve their privacy by limiting the places their personal email address is used.

We are always looking for ways to improve Firefox Relay and your comments shape our products. Today, we’re adding user-requested features that deliver the emails that you care about which includes tickets to catch the train or watching your favorite band in concert, or getting the emails you want whether it’s getting shipping information or confirmation on the products you buy or updates to service and privacy policies.

New features for today’s Firefox Relay

  • Go BIG with emails and attachments: We heard from our users who said they were using email aliases to receive emails that had attachments, like train or concert tickets. Those were over our initial limit, so we increased the limit to 10 MB. Now emails with or without attachments will make it to your inbox. 
  • Whether you want to receive promotional emails or not, now you can have it your way: Sometimes you’ll assign an email alias to an ecommerce site you visit frequently enough to make purchases whether it’s presents during the holidays or travel gear for the summer. There might be times when you want to take a break from that e-commerce site from sending you emails about weekly or monthly sales, or you might want to only receive emails when your product ships. Now, you can choose between receiving or blocking some or all promotional emails from a site. This feature will only be available to premium subscribers.
Choose from receiving or blocking all or some promotional emails with this new Premium feature 
  • Now available as a Chrome extension: Initially, Firefox Relay was only available through our site and an add-on you could download exclusively in Firefox. Privacy is important to us and we want to meet our users where they are whether that’s in Firefox or in another browser. So, we’re making Firefox Relay available as an extension in Chrome with a majority of the same features you’d see with the Firefox add-on.

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