Dani Chehak, Mozilla’s new chief people officer

After having met with many different candidates over the past several months to fill the role of chief people officer — a significant role that contributes greatly to Mozilla’s culture and future — I am pleased to announce that Dani Chehak has joined Mozilla as chief people officer on a permanent basis.

A woman's smiles.
Dani Chehak joins Mozilla as chief people officer.

It was a little less than a year ago that Dani came onboard as Mozilla’s interim chief people officer. The time working with her, and the search to date, made it clear to me that Dani is the right person for Mozilla. She brings with her decades of experience in leading high performing people teams, a keen strategic business focus, a deep understanding of our industry, and an extensive network and community in both the tech and human resource realms. 

“For the past 25 years, Mozilla has been the home to incredibly dedicated and talented teams of people who are pushing hard every day to make the internet a better place for everyone,” Dani said. “I feel deeply fortunate to play a part in building a welcoming and inclusive culture at Mozilla where everyone is engaged and empowered to meet the opportunities ahead of us for the next 25 years, with our mission as our guide.” 

As chief people officer, Dani will oversee all areas of HR and organizational development at Mozilla Corporation. With Dani in this role, Mozilla’s People Team will continue to support Mozilla in building a culture that is inclusive and collaborative, especially important as our organization and operations continue to grow and modernize.

I want to express my appreciation for Dani’s contributions over the last year, and I’m delighted that she will continue the work she is leading at Mozilla.

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