Mitchell Baker Named CEO of Mozilla

The independent directors of the Mozilla board are pleased to announce that Mitchell Baker has been appointed permanent CEO of Mozilla Corporation.

We have been conducting an external candidate search for the past eight months, and while we have met several qualified candidates, we have concluded that Mitchell is the right leader for Mozilla at this time.

Mozilla’s strategic plan is focused on accelerating the growth levers for the core Firefox browser product and platform while investing in innovative solutions to mitigate the biggest challenges facing the internet. There is incredible depth of technical expertise within the organization, but these problems cannot be solved by Mozilla alone, so the plan also calls for a renewed focus on convening technologists and builders from all over the world to collaborate and co-create these new solutions. The need for innovation not only at Mozilla, but for the internet at large is more important than ever, especially at a time when online technologies and tools have a material and enduring impact on our daily lives.

Since last August when it was announced that Mozilla would be seeking a new CEO, Mitchell has assumed an active role in day-to-day operations, formally becoming interim CEO in December 2019. Over the course of this time, she has honed the organization’s focus on long-term impact. Mitchell’s deep understanding of Mozilla’s existing businesses gives her the ability to provide direction and support to drive this important work forward. Her involvement in organizations such as the Oxford Internet Institute, the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, ICANN and the U.S. Department of Commerce Digital Economy Board gives her the ability to not only impact the broader internet landscape, but also bring those valuable outside perspectives back into Mozilla.  And her leadership style grounded in openness and honesty is helping the organization navigate through the uncertainty that COVID-19 has created for Mozillians at work and at home.

This balance of urgency, transparency and empathy, coupled with an innate knowledge of Mozilla, along with connections into the communities that are influencing the trajectory of the internet, make Mitchell Baker the right person to lead Mozilla today to make an impact into the future.

Statements from Mozilla Corporation Board Members:

Bob Lisbonne, Lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business:
“I’ve known Mitchell since originally started back in 1998. Her authentic leadership style, commitment to the organization, and passion for improving the internet inspire trust and respect from mozillians worldwide.”

Julie Hanna, Venture Partner at Obvious Ventures:
“Mitchell is the embodiment and soul of Mozilla, possessing both the aspirational vision and institutional memory of the organization. We are fortunate for her long-standing service, tireless commitment and the stabilizing effect of her presence and leadership, especially at such a critical juncture.”

Karim R. Lakhani, Professor Harvard Business School:
“Mitchell has a proven track record of enabling communities and companies to collaborate and innovate.  As we look to Mozilla’s future, this experience is going to be crucial to our future success.”

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