Firefox browser privacy features explained

As we’re all online more these days, the Firefox browser privacy features have never been more important. For instance, as you’re hopping through different sites searching for pantry recipes or immunity boosters, Enhanced Tracking Protection is blocking third-party trackers from collecting that data and serving you ads that are eerily on the nose. Or, when you’re researching the difference between cold, flu and seasonal allergy symptoms, private browsing mode will automatically erase your private browsing history (because your symptoms are your business).

The best thing about these browser privacy features is that they’re not mutually exclusive. You can opt to use them all and level-up your online safety as much as you want.

Here’s a quick guide to four Firefox privacy features you can access, and how they protect you when you’re online:

Enhanced Tracking Protection

Ad Blocker Extensions

Private Browsing Mode

Facebook Container

What is it?

An invisible shield that blocks several types of trackers. Makes it harder for third parties to track you around the web. Third party extensions that stop ads from showing up on pages you visit. May impact the way publishers support journalists. A protected browsing experience that doesn’t remember your history or logins. Also, Firefox is one of the only browsers that blocks third party trackers by default in private mode. A browser extension that makes it harder for Facebook to track you on the web.

You might use it to…

Prevent many third party trackers from following you from site to site. Block the noisy, blinking ads on your favorite websites. Automatically forget search history you’d like to keep private. Prevent Facebook (and Instagram) from tracking you around the web.

On/Off in browser

Automatically on Optional Optional Optional

What to know

Nothing more required. Just open Firefox and enjoy extra protection! Might not block all ads. Doesn’t make you anonymous online.

More myths about private browsing

Doesn’t block ads on Facebook. More questions answered

Get more info

Enhanced Tracking Protection in:

Ad Blocker Roundup Private Browsing – Use Firefox without saving history More about Facebook Container

Where to get it

Built into Firefox Download and install extensions Built into Firefox

Open your Firefox File menu, and select New Private Window

Download and install extension

And if you’re on Facebook more and more to connect with the communities you love in real life, you can limit the amount of data they’re getting from you with the Facebook Container extension. You’ll be in good company — over two million people already have!

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