Mozilla Service Week + OneWebDay

onewebday_poster 2

We’ve just got three days left of Mozilla Service Week. It’s not too late to help!  Let’s take this weekend to get out and show people how to use the Web.  It’s easy — all you need is a sign, your laptop and a venue with wireless and you’re an instant Web help desk!

This week isn’t just about helping people better use the Web, but about celebrating as well.  That’s why we’ve paired up with OneWebDay to wrap up Mozilla Service Week.  OneWebDay is like Earth Day for the Internet. It’s a chance to celebrate the awesomeness of the Web, and make it better.

Here’s how you can celebrate your hardwork this week and the Web in general:

Have fun meeting and connecting with the other people that care about the Web.  And, as a gentle reminder, please share your stories and hours on Mozilla Service Week!

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