Mozilla’s Firefox named in inaugural Brands That Matter

Mozilla’s Firefox is thrilled to be named one of the nearly 100 brands within Fast Company Magazine’s inaugural and high-profile, Brands That Matter 2021 ranking and recognition program for companies and nonprofits that have had an undeniable impact on business and culture.

Mozilla’s Firefox was recognized by Fast Company specifically for “continuing to do what it can to put itself forward as the browser that seeks to protect against disinformation and take digital responsibility as hallmarks of its brand.” Fast Company also noted that, “The Unfck campaign and YouTube Regrets work embody its mission perfectly, illustrating Mozilla’s David vs. Goliath relationship with Big Tech, and its work for people over profits and humanity over technology. As these issues become front-page concerns, Firefox’s position and brand has only grown stronger.”

At the near-end of 2021, the words privacy, transparency, access and control are on the lips of every tech company in the world these days, directly because of Mozilla’s efforts over more than two decades. Beholden to neither shareholders nor investors and enabled by our innovative structure, which puts us in a class by ourselves, as the only tech company backed by a not-for-profit organization (Mozilla Foundation). In a technology industry focused on profits at all costs, Mozilla stands apart. Our unique corporate structure guarantees that every decision we make upholds our mission: to ensure the internet remains open and accessible. 

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Fast Company as a brand whose mission-driven position is only growing larger,” said Lindsey Shepard, Chief Marketing Officer at Mozilla. “Our team continues to put in the time and heart to be the technology company that people can trust. We’re always inspired by the other challenger and mission-oriented brands that are recognized in these lists and we’re glad to be amongst them leading the charge in creating a safe and open internet.”

For over a decade, Fast Company magazine has showcased the very best of innovation through the renowned awards programs: Most Innovative Companies, Innovation By Design, World-Changing Ideas, and now Brands That Matter to recognize game-changing companies that are more than the products they sell or the services they provide, that have achieved relevance through cultural impact and social engagement, and whose branding authentically communicates their missions and ideals. Mozilla will join Fast Company’s progressive and creative community where this roundup will be shared with millions of Fast Company readers, many of whom will learn how Mozilla and Firefox brands work together to show people that it is possible to build a better internet, just by making a few simple choices. 

This recognition is the latest industry accolade for Mozilla, which recently celebrated Pocket’s Webby win for the ‘Best Of 2020’ campaign.

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