How to stay safe online while on vacation

Vacations are a great time to unwind, sip a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella in it and expose your personal information to hackers if you’re traveling with a laptop, phone or tablet.

A holiday is usually a great time to unplug, but many people are still expected to stay online. If you don’t post a photo, your mom might think you’ve been kidnapped by pirates (or run away with one). You might want to use the free time to write a blog, look up the best places to go or answer some work emails.

Knowing how to stay safe online while on traveling can save you some unpleasant surprises when you come home.

Here are a few tips that can help you protect your privacy and keep your passwords safe from hackers:

Take your passwords for a ride

Take your Firefox passwords anywhere you go with Lockwise. It’s like an armored car that lets you access your passwords on any device and keeps them safe with multiple levels of encryption (ie: codes) that make them hard to steal.

If you want to Netflix and chill in your hotel and watch a movie on the hotel TV, you can safely pull up your password on Lockwise. That way, you won’t need to worry about remembering it.

“When I travel, I want all of my passwords with me in case I don’t have my laptop. Lockwise lets me do that without compromising security,” said Lockwise Product Manager, Sandy Sage.  

Don’t do as the Romans do

You finished a tour and can’t wait to post pictures using public WiFi. It sounds harmless, but public WiFi networks can be like a backdoor for hackers. If you use a VPN, go ahead and use the WiFi. Mozilla VPN is a trustworthy, affordable option. If not, avoid entering your passwords or visiting sites that don’t have a Firefox Green Lock on top.

Jetset with a matching set

Leave your laptop at home and get everything on your mobile phone with Firefox Accounts. Sync travel reservations, itineraries or pull up that new food tour. Firefox Accounts will transfer your favorite bookmarks and history from your computer to your phone and vice versa.

Cover your tracks

Just because you looked up a waterfall tour while on vacation doesn’t mean you want to see waterfall tour ads for the next month. Keep ad trackers at bay with Private Browsing mode on Firefox. If you really want to stay anonymous, set your Content Blocking to strict.

Watch for post-vacation surprises

Keep an eye on your accounts when you get home. Sign up for Firefox Monitor and get alerts delivered to your email if there’s been a data breach or if your accounts have been hacked.

You don’t need a Firefox Account to use Monitor, but you will want to sign up for one to use Lockwise, since it picks up the passwords you’ve saved in your Firefox browser.

Download Firefox and get ready to fly (or drive) into the sunset.

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