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In our ever faster and more overwhelming online lives, we’ve learned to settle for the obvious choices — the ones we’re made to believe are practical and right for us. Our phones come with pre-installed apps, our laptops have their own browsers. But in real life, we can choose to go to our local ethical store, choose which school to send our children to, or decide to travel by train. So why should this choice be taken away from us online? Why can’t we pick technology that feels more like us and what we stand for? 

Choosing Firefox means going against the grain and making one small choice that adds up to a lot. It means challenging the default in tech and questioning the status quo in order to align with our own values. 

Our mission when building Firefox was always to ensure you have an alternative browser in the market. We initially created it to counter Internet Explorer’s monopoly and offer a real choice for users, one that guaranteed open and transparent access to the web. 

More than 20 years later, we still pledge that Firefox — and all of the products built by Mozilla — are solely accountable to you and dedicated to creating a better internet for everyone. One where your data is safe, and the company behind it — Mozilla — isn’t beholden to shareholders or selling private user data to ad brokers. 

Using Firefox will always be a choice — one we hope you make because it represents the type of internet you want. Because you deserve to know that the portal you use to access everything you love about the web every day is working in your favor. 

We’re telling you what’s in our code, how we advertise, and why and how we’re building features and products so you can make an informed decision when choosing us. And we believe this is the only way the web stays this wonderful place, that’s not run by a few companies only — because this is actually what people deserve. To keep their agency and choose tech that works for them. Big tech is only that big because it presents itself as the only option — but it’s not.

What would the internet look like if we consciously chose how we’re using it? If we realized the decisions we’re making matter as much as the decisions we make IRL? 

We need to question what we’re offered online today, challenge the status quo and make the choices that feel right to us. Challenge the default with Firefox, and help us keep the internet healthy, open, weird and wonderful.

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