Firefox Extension Spotlight: Image Search Options

Let’s say you stumble upon an interesting image on the web and you want to learn more about it, like… where did it come from? Who are the people in it? Is there a backstory? Are there others like it?

There are a number of dedicated image search engines that can help you learn more, but if you do a lot of reverse image searching (dubbed “reverse” because instead of using text to search images, you start this search process with an image), it quickly becomes cumbersome to always copy the image, navigate to your preferred image search site, paste in the pic, sift through results, etc. Naturally, there are browser extensions designed to streamline this distinct form of search. One of the most capable is Image Search Options.

It makes reverse image searching simple and fast. Once installed on Firefox, just right-click on any image you find to pull up a context menu offering 11 image search engines. That search engine variety should be enough to satisfy most folks, but if not, Image Search Options allows you to customize the list of search providers by adding your own or removing others. You can even set it to automatically search across multiple engines simultaneously.

“Users are in full control,” says Xamayon, the developer of Image Search Options. “All options can be removed, reordered, reconfigured, and renamed as desired. Image Search Options gives the user full control whenever possible, while also being extremely easy to use and fully functional out of the box.”

Don’t let the next fascinating image you find on the web leave your curiosities unresolved. Image Search Options is likely all you’ll ever need to unravel even the most puzzling image mysteries.

Image Search Options is part of Firefox’s Recommended Extensions program.

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