State of Mozilla 2018: Annual Report

The State of Mozilla annual report for 2018 is now available here.

This report details how Mozilla operates and includes details from our financial reports for 2018. The State of Mozilla report release is timed to coincide with when we submit the Mozilla non-profit tax filing for the previous calendar year.

The 2018 State of Mozilla report focuses on how Mozilla leverages its unique structure and multi-pronged approach to influence some of the most pressing challenges people face online today. From misinformation to online privacy and security, in the last two years Mozilla has used its resources, influence and product know-how to push for systemic change that helps put people back at the center of online life.

This year’s report outlines Mozilla’s collective impact as a creator of consumer technology products, an advocacy organization and a key contributor to the development of internet policy and online standards and protocols that help ensure the internet is open and accessible to all.

Mozilla continues to believe that the internet can and should be a positive force for individuals and for societies. However, there are deep problems to be solved to make this true in an enduring way for the future. An obvious first step is to help people understand and protect themselves from current online harms. This gives Mozilla better knowledge to address the problems at a deeper level — to create new and better experiences where respect and security for the individual are built into our core product.

We measure our success not only by the adoption of our products, but also by our ability to increase the control people have in their online lives, our impact on the internet, our contribution to standards, and how we work to protect the overall health of the web.

None of the work we do or the impact we have would be possible without the dedication of our global community of contributors and loyal Firefox users. We are incredibly grateful for the support and we will continue to fight for the open internet.

We encourage you to get involved to help protect the future of the internet, join Mozilla.

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