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Peace of mind browser add-ons for Firefox

The web can be as wonderful as it is overwhelming. Fortunately there are ways you can customize Firefox with add-ons to achieve a more harmonious browsing experience. Here are a few examples—from soothing visual enhancements to great tools for mental clarity and peace of mind.

Firefox themes
Perhaps the easiest way to bring good vibes wherever you go online is to simply install an inspiring new theme on Firefox. From nature imagery to art to cute puppies, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful visuals to choose from. Here’s a short list of eclectically curated themes to get you started.

Beautiful tabs
Tabliss transforms your new tab page into a gorgeous pictorial (choose from their huge selection of stock images or upload your own). Populate your new tab page with customizable widgets like weather forecasts, to-do tasks, or inspirational quotes.

Peaceful reads
Tranquility Reader is ideal for anyone looking to remove distracting clutter from web pages you simply want to read. The extension removes all ads, images, social share buttons—pretty much everything except the words themselves.

Distraction blockers
A couple different extensions can help with internet discipline by way of blocking distracting—or even maddening!—websites. Block Site and LeechBlock NG are both very easy to use tools for creating a filtered web view. Block certain domains entirely, or just portions of the day. Both extensions offer an array of ways to help you help yourself stay focused on the web.

More privacy protections
Peace of mind can also come in the form of privacy—knowing your personal business on the web remains as private as possible. Check out our curated collection of privacy extensions for a broad selection of ways extensions can boost your browsing security.

Firefox update brings more clarity

In our next release, we’re launching a fresh Firefox design to get you where you’re going online with fewer clicks and distractions along the way. You can look forward to simplified toolbars, streamlined menus, an exciting new tab design plus additional privacy and security features. Keep an eye out for the fresh new look in Firefox for desktop and mobile. The fire starts June 1.

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